Bolta Pakistan–Political Situation in Sindh–26th February 2013

Bolta Pakistan--Political Situation in Sindh--26th February 2013

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One thought on “Bolta Pakistan–Political Situation in Sindh–26th February 2013

  1. Bilal

    The caretaker set up becomes a big hurdle for Zardari League totally failing to administer Pakistan in their 2008-2013 reign & having a lot of corruption cases (previous & new ones) opened against them in Pakistan’s judiciary. Zardari league desperately wants a puppet care taker govt set up, but his opponent parties don’t agree to it. Rather they force Zardari to leave his presidential seat as they don’t expect a fair election with Zardari sitting on that seat. Pakistan army is being asked frequently to monitor the elections itself. Further merciless assassination of members of Pakistan’s corruption addicted political filth starts alongwith police officials & journalists in all parts of the country, making the situation more uncontrollable for Zardari League. They want to run away but are caught behind. It seems very clear that Zardari League will be behind the bars again once their rule ends.


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